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Roofing job underway.

Back to Normal

Storm Damage Restoration and Reroofing in Burlington, MA

Often, disasters come with many side effects beside the immediate damage, and reconstruction or reroofing is often needed in addition to merely the restoration work. That's why our hardworking teams are equipped to not only fix damage from leaks and floods but actually fix the problem that caused the leak. Our SERVPRO teams are equipped for any roofing or reconstruction need!

Construction workers roofing a house.

From the Ground Up

Roofing after Restoration 

Our highly trained professionals are equipped not only to restore your home after a water or fire loss, but also to fully reconstruct it. Disasters often leave a huge amount of work to be done, and you need a team that will not only clean up the damage but actually get your home ready for success. Give us a call today!

Rubber duck on a car dash.

The SERVPRO Duck is Looking Out for You!

Disaster Restoration Services in Burlington, MA

Our office mascot is looking out for our customers! Whether your home has recently experienced a natural disaster, like a flood, a severe fire, or just a plumbing leak, our hardworking teams are here for you 24/7, headed by our fearless leader, the SERVPRO rubber ducky. 

Flood cuts on a commercial property.

Flooding Can Be Difficult To Mitigate Without The Proper Training and Experience

If your business floods, you will want to call a crew that has the training, experience, and equipment necessary to mitigate and restore your property. Flooding can cause a ton of damage to your property, our SERVPRO of Burlington / Woburn team can take care of all the cleanup and repair!

Area rug in warehouse about to be cleaned.

Cleaning Your Carpets and Upholstery After A Loss

A loss in your Woburn, MA, home or business can affect your rugs and furniture as well. Even if they aren't damaged, they can become dirty and full of debris. Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team can clean your carpets and upholstery after a loss! Call us today.

Bedroom after demo.

Bedroom During The Fire Cleanup Process

This is what a bedroom in Wilmington, MA, looked like during a fire cleanup and restoration job. Our crew has cleaned up and removed all the fire-damaged materials and is working hard on restoring the bedroom back to the way it was before the fire.

Holes in ceiling surrounded by wet stains.

A Small Wet Spot Can Grow Into A Huge Problem

A water leak can lead to your business's ceiling caving in. What might start off as a small wet spot on your ceiling can quickly grow into a ton of damage. Call our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team as quickly as possible after noticing signs of water damage.

Mold growth on baseboards.

Mold Usually Indicates A Water Problem

Finding mold on your Woburn, MA, property is never a good sign. Usually, it means that you have a water loss issue. No matter the circumstance, our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team is here to help with all your mold remediation needs!

Fire trucks outside a property during a fire.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

When our team says we are faster to any size disaster, we mean it! Even though the fire on this property in Burlington, MA, isn't put out yet, our team is still on-site and ready to help once it is!

SERVPRO van outside loss.

Responding to a Mold Infestation in Woburn

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team recently responded to a home in the Woburn, MA, area that was suffering from a mold infestation that had begun to spread after a water leak in the home. 

Big hole in floor after demo.

Large Commercial Water Loss

When it comes to commercial water damage cleanup and restoration in Burlington, MA, you can count on our SERVPRO team to be there to help you from start to finish!

Dryer vent with debris.

Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning Services in Burlington

Did you know that our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team offers air duct & HVAC cleaning services? Maintenance of your vent system can prolong the life of your equipment and improve the air quality of your commercial or residential space. If you have some nasty vents, call us today - (781) 935-8222.

Team members in PPE.

Commercial Decontamination Services in Burlington

Is your business in need of a decontamination and disinfection service? Give our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team a call! We offer commercial cleaning services to any size business in the Burlington, MA, area.

Team members cleaning ceilings.

Commercial Smoke Cleanup in Action

Sometimes this job takes our team members to new heights! Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team is working hard on a commercial smoke damage cleanup job in Woburn, MA. Can't be afraid of heights here!

Two vans in warehouse.

Here to help when disaster strikes!

You can always count on a quick response after a water damage event in your home or business in the Burlington, MA area. Our crew is always on standby and ready to respond to your water, fire, or mold damage event.

Drying equipment.

Our Team Can Get Your Business Back Up and Running!

If your business in Woburn, MA, suffers from a water loss event, give our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team a call! Our crew will work hard to quickly get your business back up and running after a loss.

Soot above fire place.

Fire & Water Damage Cleanup

A fire event can result in massive damages to your property including soot, smoke, and even water damage. If a fire disaster strikes your home or business in Woburn, SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is here to help! Call us today - (781) 935-8222.

Standing water.

Water Loss Event in Local Business

Water Removal in Woburn, MA

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team responded to a local business in the Woburn area that had suffered from a water leak. Our team uses powerful pumps to properly and efficiently extract the standing water. 

Floor mat system being put in place.

Floor Mat System In Dining Room

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn crew is busy getting the floor mat system up and running in this Woburn, MA, home. Our team uses these floormats to dry the flooring after a water loss event. 

Wet flooring in kitchen.

Water Removal and Cleanup in Woburn

SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn is the leader in water removal and cleanup in the Woburn, MA, area. If your home or business suffers from a water damage event, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call today - (781) 935-8222.

commercial water damage and containment set up

Commercial Containment After Water Damage

Commercial Damage Restoration in Burlington, MA

SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is dedicated when it comes to restoring your home or business after water, fire, or mold damage. Our team is capable of handling even the most severe damage.

trucks on a snowy road

Winter Storm Gail 2020

Our state received over a foot of snow thanks to Winter Storm Gail! Although it sure is snowy, that doesn't stop us from responding to water and fire emergencies. Our team is here to help 24/7.

soaking wet carpet

Water Damage Leading to Mold

Soaking Wet Carpets

Soaking wet carpets require immediate mitigation to prevent mold growth. Our team at SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your trusted local leader in quick and efficient water restoration services! (781) 935-8222

A tent outside with green fold out chairs underneath.

Boy Scouts

Our marketer, Russ, is all set up and ready to have a fun day interacting with golfers at the Boy Scouts golf outing. If you want to get involved, contact our local Boy Scouts division. 

Green SERVPRO truck next to a Pepsi truck.

Cans for Kids

Lending our truck to help out Cans for Kids on this beautiful Saturday. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is involved in its community. We love Cans for Kids and what they stand for. If you ever want to volunteer contact them! 

Game room with wet carpet.

Water Damage in Burlington Game Room

This game room in Burlington, MA, is out of operation due to water loss. Luckily, our team is on the scene with drying equipment in hand to get it back up and running. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your local leader in water damage restoration. (781) 935-8222

Wet basement.

Water Heater Malfunctions

Water heater malfunctions can lead to severe water damage to your home in Burlington, MA. Attend to your water heaters on a regular basis, and if you notice a puddle starting to form, call before it's too late! (781) 935-8222

removed flooring from a commercial space

Swift Action After Water Damage

Swift action is required after water loss. A few hours can determine whether it's a $500 loss or a $5000 loss. If you notice the first signs of water loss in your home or business, don't panic and call SERVPRO!

spraying disinfectant

Disinfection for Local Restaurants

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration, we stand on over 50 years of experience and expertise so you can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean for all Americans – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Call today for a free quote for your business! (781) 935-8222

mold on a white wall

Commercial Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is Here to Help at the first signs of mold in your business. We specialize in commercial remediation, and will have your business back to preloss conditions quickly and efficiently.

cars stuck in flooded waters

Flooding After a Storm

SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn knows the damage that comes along with flooding. We offer 24/7 assistance to extract water from your property and to perform mitigation services. Call 24/7 for immediate assistance! (781) 935-8222

extracting water from carpet

Water Extraction in Burlington, MA

Emergency water extraction is available 24/7. Our dedicated team works around the clock to return homes and businesses to preloss conditions. Swift action is critical after water loss, that's why we are "Faster to any size Disaster."

graffiti on a window

Graffiti Removal in Burlington, MA

Vandalism Restoration in Burlington, MA

Has your business been tagged with graffiti? We can remove graffiti in a timely manner, leaving your business “Like it never even happened.” For immediate assistance after graffiti or vandalism, give SERVPRO a call!

water dripping from ceiling

Help! Water Leaking From Ceiling

Water Dripping from Ceiling in Woburn, MA

This home suffered a water loss after a roof leak went undetected, and then a storm occurred. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn arrived to the home to find water gushing from the ceiling. 

a man in a white suit cleaning a restaurant

Restaurant Cleaning in Burlington, MA

Our team at SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is working hard to help local restaurants continue to provide delivery and take out services. When customers are able to dine in again, it will be in a freshly cleaned space! 

green SERVPRO vans

Night Time Sanitization

SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is offering proactive cleaning services around the clock for local businesses in need. Our crews are certified by the IICRC and equipped to clean any size property in Burlington, Woburn, and surrounding areas.

a graphic that says preventative measures

Preventative Measures

We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. Call SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn to see how we can help clean your business.

a guy removing floors

Removing Flooring After Water Damage

Our crew is working hard to get this barbershop back in business after a water loss. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your trusted leader in water damage cleanup and mitigation. Call us 24/7, 365!

a kitchen with the wooden structure exposed

Kitchen Demolition Underway

This kitchen is undergoing demolition due to the severity of the water loss experienced. Our team has stripped the kitchen down to the structural elements. Before you know it, this kitchen will look "Like it never even happened."  

a worker setting up a plastic tarp in a kitchen

Setting Containment

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team is working hard to set up containment in this home before demolition begins. Containment prevents any spreading of damage to the unaffected areas of the home. Go Team Mattos! 

a warehouse with several boxes on the ground

Content Cleaning in Action

This is what our warehouse looks like when we are in the process of cleaning contents after a loss. When a home or business suffers a loss, we pack up the contents, clean them at our warehouse and return them back to the property owner.

an attic space with insulation

Got Mold?

This attic space had insulation covered in a layer of grey colored microbial growth. Our team at SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is equipped with the proper equipment and skilled team to treat and remove mold damage.

attic insulation with a layer of grey and white growth on it

Damaged Insulation

This attic insulation is covered with a layer of mold growth. There is also noticeable growth on the wood planks as well. Our team of professionals will get this attic back to its pre-damaged condition in no time. 

a dark wood plank with white growth on it

White Growth on Attic Wood

If you discover white or grey growth in your attic, don't hesitate to give SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn a call. Our team of licensed professionals are trained to IICRC standards to treat mold damage

an attic with white and grey discoloration on the wood planks

Attic Mold

When this homeowner went up to the attic to discover white and grey growth on the wood planks. They gave SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn a call because they know we are "Faster to any size Disaster." 

a worker in a white protective body suit in an attic

Restoring Your Attic after Mold Damage

Our team is hard at work remediating the mold in this Woburn, MA attic. Our team keeps safety as a top priority when working around mold. Give SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn a call at the first signs of mold damage!

Drying Mats in action at a water loss in Winchester, MA

After a water loss SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn will at times use the floor mat system.  This is a very effective way to draw moisture out from hardwood floors.  Once plastic is put over the entire system, so it is contained it to just drying the flooring, it is ready to go.    

Neighbors Pipe Burst Leaks into Home

A neighbor's pipe burst in their kitchen and flooded this homeowner's condo unit. The customer's bathroom and kitchen were most affected as we had to remove part of the soaked dry wall and replace it. The water removal and water cleanup process was quickly completed by our highly-trained technicians!

Cold Weather Storm Causes Pipes to Burst

Cold weather is quite the culprit in New England. In many cases causing pipes to burst even while the homeowner is home! This pipe burst fortunately occurred in an unfinished basement. However it caused damage to the electrical and left about an inch of standing water. SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn used their specialized equipment to remove the water even hidden moisture.

Sump Pumps are Savers

A couple of months back we could not believe how many calls we were getting from our customers in regards to water in their basements! Almost all of them were due to sump pump failures. 

Sump pumps are installed as a means to help prevent a building structure from flooding and it channels the water away from the structure. 

Due to low table waters that rose quickly because of wet weather, many homeowners were surprised when their basement was flooded with water one moment and in the next the sump pump was working again and removing the water.

wood with white and grey discoloration

Mold Discovery in Woburn, MA

While working a water or fire remediation, our workers can sometimes find mold. In these situations we work with your Insurance Company in order to determine the best course of action. With proper containment, cleaning, and sealing, we provide the best service we can.

Making Mold "Like it never even happened."

When mold invades your home, it can be unhealthy and intrusive. Knowing how to handle it is always the first step. SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn is certified to remove microbial growth in a timely and efficient manner. Call us today (781) 935-8222 if you suspect mold and we can help you make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage – Winchester MA Kitchen

Fire damage at this Winchester home began as a grease fire on the stove top. Grease fires produce a great deal of soot and smoke damage because grease fires burn so hot. The ceiling shown in this picture shows the result of the soot on the affected area

Fire Damage to a Burlington Home

The faulty flue in this chimney led to a significant amount of fire damage to this Burlington living room. Our SERVPRO crew first placed a tarp over the exposed roof to prevent secondary water and the possible entry of vermin. The cleanup was then begun within the structure.

Commercial Storm Damage –Burlington/ Woburn

When large commercial storm and water damage happens in the Burlington/ Woburn area, SERVPRO can respond quickly. Our slogan is ”faster to any disaster” because we have access to the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team on an immediate basis.

Damage Can Happen Anywhere

It's the middle of the school day, and all of a sudden there is water everywhere. What can you do? The best thing, is to call SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn right away to remediate the situation immediately. 

Rain Storm Floods Finished Basement

A rainstorm quickly passed through, leaving its mark! In a matter of a half and hour, the rains flooded the basement, damaging the carpet and luckily all electronics were spared. Weusespecialized equipment and products and our technicians extract standing water and dry your property quickly and efficiently. We then finish the job with professional-grade cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing products for your comfort and safety.

Water stains on dropped ceiling.

Pipe Burst in Winchester, MA

In this office space, several pipes had burst. It came through the ceiling, which this photo shows. With these drop down ceilings, we are able to remove any damaged ones, and then clean the framing that holds them. The production manager does an initial walk through in order to find all of these details for remediation and then write a detailed work order for our crews to follow.

Standing water in a hallway.

Water Damage in Woburn, MA

This photo represents water damage from a pipe break in a commercial building. There was standing water and fallen debris. We cleaned and disinfected while removing any materials that would not dry properly. The customer was very happy that we provided all necessary measures to prevent mold.

When Water Damage Strikes Your Burlington Home

Imagine it is 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday, and you walk into your home after a relaxing vacation expecting to switch on the lights, unload the car, and probably head to bed.

The only problem? A water pipe has burst over your vacation, Sending water through your ceiling and onto your floor. You realize this problem is far beyond the reach of your shop vac.  What do you do now?

If the unthinkable happens to your home, allow SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn to help quickly turn your "before" into a "happily ever after." Call today at (781) 935-8222.

Storm Damage Woburn, MA

When storms hit the Woburn area, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of over 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Storm Damage in Woburn, MA

This photo represents water damage from ground water coming through the foundation after a heavy rain storm. There was standing water among all the contents. We cleaned and disinfected while moving the contents we were able to save. The customer was very happy that we provided all necessary measures to allow for restore versus replace when it came to their contents.

Unseen Mold in Woburn, MA Home

During a water remediation in this Woburn home, our technicians had to remove a damaged cabinet. In the process they discovered mold between the cabinet and wall. Microbial Growth can potentially start to grow within 48-72 hours of the water damage. It is important to call your local SERVPRO as soon as you see damage, so we can remediate the situation and try to prevent any growth.

We can be reached at 781-935-8222.

Mold discovered in Lexington, MA Home

This Lexington, MA family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to a pipe break that went undetected for months. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the right expertise and equipment. SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn has trained technicians that were able to test and remove the mold growth, and then restore the space to preloss conditions. The family was very grateful that we were able to recover their home and protect them from any potential health effects.

Fire in Home in Wilmington, MA

When we visit your home after a fire loss, we will scope the affected areas to determine the extent of the loss. We will always pretest affected surfaces to determine the type of smoke and which products will help us recover the area most effectively. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. If a fire has damaged your  home or business, call us right away at 781-935-8222. SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn will treat you with empathy and respect, and your property with care.

Damage Can Happen Anywhere

It's the middle of the school day, and all of a sudden there is water everywhere. What can you do? The best thing, is to call SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn right away to remediate the situation immediately. We can be reached at 781-935-8222.  

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Burlington, MA

This kitchen was in need of professional cleaning with years of build up. Everyday use and cleaning can not always take care of the grease and grime. SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn worked diligently to restore the affected area to its original condition. We know that commercial cleanings can cost a business thousands of dollars in productivity if the health department gets involved so it is always our goal to help keep your business running as flawlessly as possible.

Smoke and Soot Facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

When Fire Strikes, A plan is always in your Hand

Tragedy is never planned, but you can still be ready. While you may never know when it is going to strike, having a plan in place will alleviate some stress for you. Prepare for the unexpected with the SERVPRO® Emergency Ready Plan mobile app. Help is always at your fingertips.

Commercial Post Construction Cleaning in Woburn, MA

This customer had construction done in their location which left dust everywhere. Structural integrity, materials, labor, safety, customer satisfaction, and deadlines - the list goes on and on when building a commercial facility.

SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn can offer:

  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Dehumidification and Drying
  • Final Cleaning
  • Fast-Track Drying
  • Emergency Response Restoration and Cleanup Services

For help restoring your commercial space after construction or damage, call SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn at 781-935-8222. We’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

clean white carpets

Commercial Help is Right Around the Corner

SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in the Woburn, Burlington, Winchester or Wilmington areas. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

We are here to help clean up your office building or Managed Property!

Here to Help When Storms Hit

Spring showers do bring flowers, but they can also lead to severe storms and the flooding of your home. At SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn we’re here to help mitigate the resulting water damage of your home to keep your shelter sturdy and safe.

Mold discovered in Rehabilitation Facility

An employee suspected mold in an office of a rehabilitation facility and called SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn immediately.  Sure enough, it was and the entire dry wall had to be removed.  Our dehumidifiers ran for days to remove access moisture.  SERVPRO successfully remediated the situation so employees could return to work in a safe environment. 

Fire from a Lightning Strike in Woburn, MA

House Struck By Lightning

This home in Woburn, MA was struck by lightning while the homeowner was away and fortunately no one was hurt.  However the home received extensive damage and the house caught on fire due to this thunderstorm.  SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn responds immediately with our highly trained technicians who employ specialized equipment and techniques to restore your home back to pre-storm condition!


soaking wet carpet

Rain Storm in Burlington, MA

Rain Storm Floods Finished Basement

  A rainstorm quickly passed through, leaving its mark!  In a matter of a half and hour, the rains flooded the basement, damaging the carpet and luckily all electronics were spared.  We use specialized equipment and products and our technicians extract standing water and dry your property quickly and efficiently. We then finish the job with professional-grade cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing products for your comfort and safety.

Mold isn’t always visible!

Most people become frantic of mold in their homes when it starts to show up on organic materials but that is not always the case! Sometimes homeowners are faced with water intrusions behind walls that they aren’t even aware of and it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to spore.

Sometimes you can smell mold and knowing the property’s history can help pinpoint how much damage you might be facing. Before trying to remediate the mold, it is important to fix the source of the moisture since that is what promotes mold growth

Water Categories & Classes

Categories determine the type of water while classes determine how wet building materials are.

Category 1: Coming from a sanitary source and does not pose a major threat from exposure. An example would be a tub or sink overflow with no contaminants

Category 2: Contains significant contamination and can cause various health issues if consumed. An example would be discharge from a dishwasher

Category 3: Heavily contaminated can have pathogenic agents. If consumed it can cause major damage to one’s health. An example would be a raw sewerage backup.

Class 1: Less than 5% of the combined space affected

Class 2: 5%~40% of the combined space affected

Class 3: More than ~40% of the combined space affected

Class 4: Deeply held in low evaporation materials such as plaster, wood or concrete

SERVPRO in the Healthcare Sector

 We understand that time is crucial for both your operations and your patients. Our employees know how to handle regulated medical waste and undergo special training to work in operating rooms and other restricted areas, always adhering to HIPPA regulations. We also coordinate with environmental and infection control teams to monitor progress and make sure that all necessary health certifications are obtained prior to completing any job. Our number one priority is to quickly and safely take full responsibility of your cleanup needs so that you are free to focus on your number one priority: the patients.  At SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn and SERVPRO Stoneham /Wakefield, our professionals are trained in adhering to the highest sanitation standards.

Marketing Event

At SERVPRO we’re busy as ever in our local community.

On March 8’Th we attended the monthly Woburn Business Association function. It was hosted by Jake n JOES, a fairly new establishment in Woburn. They are doing very well and have gained a following already. This Wednesday evening event felt more like a Friday or Saturday. It’s a fun and casual atmosphere with quality food and drink.

As always, the event was a place to meet and share with local businesses. It pays to keep our business in and around the Woburn area. We support each other in our business and personal goals, and most importantly, stimulate our local economy. There are always ways to give back here too. Members of the Woburn and Burlington Rotary were in attendance as usual. The Rotary is a fine organization to check out if you’re looking for opportunities to serve.

At SERVPRO we love to help. How can we help you?


On March 7’Th we attended a Multi-Chamber of Commerce function at the Crowne Plaza in Woburn. The Crowne Plaza did a wonderful job as usual. Their hotel, restaurant and function rooms never disappoint. Several hundred Businesses and Non-profits were in attendance.  An event like this is great to meet local business owners and residents, but what makes the Chamber of Commerce events so helpful to our community is the participation of charitable organizations and Non-profits in our community.

We all have a chance to give back. In our area there are fund raisers, golf outings and opportunities to give of our time. There are walks for cancer, food drives and Rotary events. There are so many ways to serve and give back, and the Chamber of Commerce is a great place to learn how.

At SERVPRO we love to help. How can we help you?