Water Damage Photo Gallery

Roofing job underway.

Back to Normal

Storm Damage Restoration and Reroofing in Burlington, MA

Often, disasters come with many side effects beside the immediate damage, and reconstruction or reroofing is often needed in addition to merely the restoration work. That's why our hardworking teams are equipped to not only fix damage from leaks and floods but actually fix the problem that caused the leak. our teams are equipped for any roofing or reconstruction need!

Standing water.

Water Loss Event in Local Business

Water Removal in Woburn, MA

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn team responded to a local business in the Woburn area that had suffered from a water leak. Our team uses powerful pumps to properly and efficiently extract the standing water. 

Floor mat system being put in place.

Floor Mat System In Dining Room

Our SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn crew is busy getting the floor mat system up and running in this Woburn, MA, home. Our team uses these floormats to dry the flooring after a water loss event. 

Wet flooring in kitchen.

Water Removal and Cleanup in Woburn

SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn is the leader in water removal and cleanup in the Woburn, MA, area. If your home or business suffers from a water damage event, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call today - (781) 935-8222.

soaking wet carpet

Water Damage Leading to Mold

Soaking Wet Carpets

Soaking wet carpets require immediate mitigation to prevent mold growth. Our team at SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your trusted local leader in quick and efficient water restoration services! (781) 935-8222

Game room with wet carpet.

Water Damage in Burlington Game Room

This game room in Burlington, MA, is out of operation due to water loss. Luckily, our team is on the scene with drying equipment in hand to get it back up and running. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your local leader in water damage restoration. (781) 935-8222

Wet basement.

Water Heater Malfunctions

Water heater malfunctions can lead to severe water damage to your home in Burlington, MA. Attend to your water heaters on a regular basis, and if you notice a puddle starting to form, call before it's too late! (781) 935-8222

cars stuck in flooded waters

Flooding After a Storm

SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn knows the damage that comes along with flooding. We offer 24/7 assistance to extract water from your property and to perform mitigation services. Call 24/7 for immediate assistance! (781) 935-8222

extracting water from carpet

Water Extraction in Burlington, MA

Emergency water extraction is available 24/7. Our dedicated team works around the clock to return homes and businesses to preloss conditions. Swift action is critical after water loss, that's why we are "Faster to any size Disaster."

water dripping from ceiling

Help! Water Leaking From Ceiling

Water Dripping from Ceiling in Woburn, MA

This home suffered a water loss after a roof leak went undetected, and then a storm occurred. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn arrived to the home to find water gushing from the ceiling. 

a guy removing floors

Removing Flooring After Water Damage

Our crew is working hard to get this barbershop back in business after a water loss. SERVPRO of Burlington/Woburn is your trusted leader in water damage cleanup and mitigation. Call us 24/7, 365!

Drying Mats in action at a water loss in Winchester, MA

After a water loss SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn will at times use the floor mat system.  This is a very effective way to draw moisture out from hardwood floors.  Once plastic is put over the entire system, so it is contained it to just drying the flooring, it is ready to go.    

Neighbors Pipe Burst Leaks into Home

A neighbor's pipe burst in their kitchen and flooded this homeowner's condo unit. The customer's bathroom and kitchen were most affected as we had to remove part of the soaked dry wall and replace it. The water removal and water cleanup process was quickly completed by our highly-trained technicians!

Rain Storm Floods Finished Basement

A rainstorm quickly passed through, leaving its mark! In a matter of a half and hour, the rains flooded the basement, damaging the carpet and luckily all electronics were spared. Weusespecialized equipment and products and our technicians extract standing water and dry your property quickly and efficiently. We then finish the job with professional-grade cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing products for your comfort and safety.

Water stains on dropped ceiling.

Pipe Burst in Winchester, MA

In this office space, several pipes had burst. It came through the ceiling, which this photo shows. With these drop down ceilings, we are able to remove any damaged ones, and then clean the framing that holds them. The production manager does an initial walk through in order to find all of these details for remediation and then write a detailed work order for our crews to follow.

Standing water in a hallway.

Water Damage in Woburn, MA

This photo represents water damage from a pipe break in a commercial building. There was standing water and fallen debris. We cleaned and disinfected while removing any materials that would not dry properly. The customer was very happy that we provided all necessary measures to prevent mold.

When Water Damage Strikes Your Burlington Home

Imagine it is 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday, and you walk into your home after a relaxing vacation expecting to switch on the lights, unload the car, and probably head to bed.

The only problem? A water pipe has burst over your vacation, Sending water through your ceiling and onto your floor. You realize this problem is far beyond the reach of your shop vac.  What do you do now?

If the unthinkable happens to your home, allow SERVPRO of Burlington/ Woburn to help quickly turn your "before" into a "happily ever after." Call today at (781) 935-8222.